Research Interests

I am a political theorist and political scientist by training who is interested in global and European political theory and the history of political ideas as critical resources for understanding and normatively assessing contemporary politics (with a focus on Arendt, Adorno, Habermas & Kant, among others). I am also interested in the broader interactions between politics, culture, and society and in inter-/disciplinary research, theoretical and empirical, on historical and contemporary issues, including the rise of populism, (il)liberal democracy, and the crisis of liberal democracy; cosmopolitanism, global constitutionalism, and European (dis)integration; cosmopolitanism, counter-cosmopolitanism, anti-cosmopolitanism, and social value change; the relationship between (trans)national political cultures and sports cultures; European and German political cultures, political parties and democracies; antisemitism, racism, the radical right, and populism in European politics and society; as well as the history of genocide in the age of the Holocaust and its legacy for memory cultures, democratic political cultures, and universal human rights.